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Photography Workshops!

Teaching has been my passion for many years.  I love to work with people to help them discover or improve their artistic vision.  It is important to me that everyone who takes one of my classes learns new techniques and stronger ways to express themselves.  


More workshops coming soon!

If there is a great location where you'd like to have a workshop, let me know!

Private Photography Lesson: Child Photography for Parents or Grandparents, $135 for 2 hour session.  Includes 11x14 Print!

Want to take better quality photos of your children while they are still young?  The two hour session is in two parts - a lesson in what to look for in photographing children and the settings to use on your camera; and putting it into practice in a photo session with your children.  Included with this session is an 11x14 professionally printed portrait (Either one of yours or one of the instructor's - your choice) and a session in post-processing to improve your images. After registering, you will be contacted to set up a session.  

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