Yackley Photo | About

As a sophomore in high school I joined the school newspaper staff.  This involved taking photos with a 35mm SLR camera and developing black and white images in the darkroom.  This was the start of my lifelong fascination with photography.  I've been shooting digital and developing in Photoshop since 1999.  Yackley Photo began in 2013 after I retired from teaching music in Fulton County Schools. I am a member of the Professional Photographers Association.


At Yackley Photo, we create wall art for your home and beautiful albums that feature you and your family as the subjects. As an artist and musician I have always prided myself in my creativity. I love channeling that creativity in a direction that helps to celebrate the love of family.

If you are interested in a family portrait session in the North Atlanta area, you may reach me at info@yackleyphoto.com or 770-715-5047.